My Chest Is Gone - How Can I Get It Back

I am a woman, 50 years old. I've lost about 15 pounds in the past year from doing lots of cardio as well as weight training , but it seems I've lost it all in my chest: 3 inches off my chest, 1 inch off my waist. Is there any way I could get my chest back without regaining all the weight?


It's unfortunate but, barring breast implants, there's not really much you can do about it. Fat gets stored around your body in a genetically pre-determined pattern.

Most women store fat in a pear shape. That is, they lose fat in their upper body first, lower body last. They also put on fat in their lower body first upper body last.

However, I have heard of some technology called "Biosignature Modulation". I don't know a lot about it but they claim to be able to able to target fat loss in certain areas by altering the hormones in your body. This is done through diet, supplementation and exercise.

...It's something I'll have to do more research into.


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