My Weight-Loss Motivation

by Rachael

I started trying to lose weight in January this year with my friend. We started a ladies boxing fitness class (so much fun but really hard!) twice a week and also started going to the gym.

I only lost 4 pounds over about 8 weeks so I wasn't too pleased with myself and it de-motivated me in a way because it felt like the hard work was for nothing.

Then I split up with my boyfriend and that seemed to motivate me to carry on and work even harder, trying to cut out all of the bad foods i'd been eating (probably the reason I'd only lost 4 pounds!).

Then I went to a girls aloud concert with my friends and it made me think that if I didn't give in and kept thinking about them, when I couldn't be bothered or was losing motivation... I could have a body similar to theirs (haha)....

So I'm working on it! I will let you know how it goes :) :)

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