You Have A Mission. Improve Your Nutrition!

Great nutrition is such an important part of living a healthy and happy life. The foods you eat have an enormous influence upon the natural processes of your body. When you eat healthy foods it can have miraculous effect on how you look and feel.

Having great nutrition not only helps you with your fitness training, but will also positively influence all areas of your life. Check out the table below to see some of the benefits you'll experience when you make healthy eating a part of your life.


fruit and vegetables for good nutrition


Benefits of great nutrition


You'll have much more energy while you're working out and you'll have faster recovery times.


You will find that you have loads more energy and passion for life. We find this the most rewarding part.


You'll start to look better! You'll get better hair, skin, nails etc...You'll begin to glow!


You can eliminate your chances of being afflicted by chronic disease. This, of course, equals less doctors, bills and pills.


You won't need to sleep as much. After Tom changed his eating habits he found that he needed 1.5 hrs less sleep every night. That equates to an extra 4.5 years of being awake over the course of his lifetime.


Speaking of lifetimes... You'll increase your lifespan...


You don't have to succumb to degrading health as you age. You can be fit and energetic to the day you die if you look after yourself properly.


You'll think more clearly and be in a more positive frame of mind more often.


You'll be much more capable of dealing with the issues that life has to throw at you. In fact, you'll just blast through them as if you're having the time of your life. :)


You'll get to eat a wide variety of fantastic tasting food. Yum Yum! There's a bit of food-lover in all of us isn't there?!

Of course there are so many more benefits than we could ever squeeze into one teensy weensy benefits table, but they're just a general idea about what you're in for.


Want to get going? Here's 3 place to start...

Nutrition is a such a huge subject that it can blow your mind because of the amount of information out there. This information is often conflicting and leaves you feeling confused and unmotivated.

Fortunately, we've been through a lot of this before so we know where the pitfalls are. To begin improving your health through nutrition, start with the 3 items below...


1. Here's An Easy Way To Live A Healthier Life

Our friend Michelle is a Medical Herbalist and Lifestyle Educator. She has extensive knowledge about nutrition and natural health. If you would like some help cutting through all the confusing information out there, her site - - is a great place to start.


2. How To Improve Your Nutrition - 8 Articles Written By Us

The more education you get about nutrition the more of it you're likely to take on board. Reading about nutrition from credible sources will help you make good decisions about what you put into your body.

Here's a few articles we have written about nutrition. As always, there's more in the making.

  1. 5 weird healthy smoothie recipes for supercharging your energy
  2. The 25 Top nutritious foods for a long, healthy, happy life
  3. Discover how green tea can actually help you burn fat!
  4. Easy low fat recipes to keep you slim and healthy
  5. Boost your metabolism by using chili power
  6. 3 healthy eating guidelines to help you transform your energy levels
  7. Power clean your insides with these high fiber foods
  8. Learn how many calories in fruit


3. Follow The Most Important Rule Of All

good nutrition vegetables"Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables"

We could go on forever about all the "bad foods" but... We find that approach tiring and altogether ineffective.

Don't you think you should be allowed to eat the food that you want?

Instead of limiting you, we encourage you to expand your diet. Expand in the direction of fresh and natural fruit and vegetables. You can't go wrong with that.

You'll find that after eating more fruit and vegetables you will naturally begin to replace the packaged/processed food that you eat at the moment with real food that makes you feel amazing on the inside. Your body knows what it likes and you just have to trust that it will tell you.


It's a long journey but it is SO worth it!

If you have been treating your body badly for years on end then it's going to take time for it to recover and improve. There is no magic pill to take, just constant improvement of your eating habits, baby step by baby step. The good news is that you will eventually feel great all the time... just by living inside such a fantastically healthy body. You will find your health improving as you age. What a concept!

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