3 Reasons Why A Quick Weight Loss Plan Will Never Make You Skinny

Judy is 32, overweight and due to be married in 3 weeks. She needs a quick weight loss plan. She's gotta lose that flubber and look hot in her wedding dress. She needs to drop 15lbs and she needs it now!

Sadly, Judy's plan will never work. She is focussing on short term solutions. These lead to bad decisions and they rarely work. She should have started months ago.


Weight loss is like driving a car

Driving a car is pretty safe if take the right approach. If you're looking 100m down the road ahead of you, you'll see hazards far before they become a problem.

If you see some kids playing on the road, you have plenty of time to slow down and avoid them.

But if you only look 2m down the road, you're bound to run into problems. You won't see hazards until they are right in your face. You'll have to swerve dangerously, causing massive damage in the process.

Weight loss is similar, lets look at how short term vision (3 weeks) manifests in bad decisions...


Quick Weight Loss Leads To Bad Decisions

When you look for quick weight loss plans on the internet, you're effectively turning your nose up at the tried and true - but slower - methods.

The only information available to you is from sources which are at best a little iffy.

There are thousands of people on the internet who would just love to relieve you of your money in exchange for...

  • Quick weight loss plan - guaranteed to make you lose 20lbs OVERNIGHT!!!
  • 10 fast weight loss tips - 50% off when you buy NOW!
  • MASSIVE SALE Rapid weight loss tips report and pills! BUY! BUY! BUY!

These people don't care about your trust, or your weight loss...they just want your money. And they're willing to prey on people who are desperate.


The weight will just come right back again

Even if you do succeed with the short term solution. It's likely that the weight will just come back.

Why? Well looking at Judy's situation again...

Once Judy's wedding is over, she naturally goes back to her 3 week range of vision again. Since she has nothing coming up in 3 weeks...there's nothing to lose weight for.

And boy, those cream donut's sure would taste nice right now!


What IS the fastest way to lose weight?

You already know the answer to this question. The fastest weight loss...long term...comes from 2 things.

  1. Exercise
  2. Healthy eating


So if you ever find yourself looking around for quick weight loss plans on the internet. Stop! Take it as a sign that you need to increase your range of vision. It's inevitable that you'll want to look great for some event. So why not start preparing now?



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