8 Massive Reasons To Reduce Belly Fat

You probably already think it's a good idea to reduce belly fat. And you'll probably get around to it "some day"...right?

Well today is going to be that day. Because here are 8 massive reasons for you to kick that belly flubber for good this time!


1. Fat belly's are U-G-L-Y

You saw fat bastard from the Austin Powers movies right? The Scottish man with the huge round belly. Now tell me, was he SEXY?

Heck no - he was hideous! And not just because of the orange mat of fur covering his body. That fat belly of his was disgusting.

I'd rather look at a toned tummy any day and I'm sure you would too.


2. It damages your joints

I used to have a car-jack that screeched and squealed every time I used it. Every time I turned the handle, little metal filings would appear. Needless to say, that car-jack didn't last very long. It was far too small for my car.

You could think of your joints in much the same way.

Your knee's, hips and ankles weren't designed to carry big fat belly's. And that explains why they wear out quickly when you're overweight. They're screeching and squeeling under the load and they're grinding your joints to a powder.


3. Fat Belly's Put A Downer On Your Sex Life

How do you feel when you look at a fat belly... Does it turn you on? Do you get all hot and bothered?

And perhaps more importantly, how does your partner feel?

It takes 2 to tango and a large part of your sex life depends on your physical attraction to each other. Imagine if both of you had nice sexy, toned tummy's. Do you think that would spice things up a little?

Even if it wouldn't, there's another HIGH IMPACT factor that can affect your sex life. This sequence is a common occurance in men with fat belly's.

  1. Fat bellys lead to...
  2. Diabetes which leads to...
  3. Erectile dysfunction!

Now that's got to put a damper on your fun in the bedroom!


4. Six Packs Are Just Better

Remember that girl or guy you saw, with the perfect stomach. They proudly walked down the beach, showing off their toned, flat midsection. It was probably perfectly tanned too. As they walked, everyone was looking and secretly wishing they had abs like that.

Well here's the thing...everyone is capable of getting a sexy six pack.

But, to get them, you NEED to reduce belly fat. No matter how many crunches or how many hanging leg raises you do. You will never build enough ab muscle to show through a decent layer of fat.

So reduce belly fat. Let your inner abs shine through!


5. It's Hard Work Carrying All That Extra Baggage

If you've ever been hiking before, you'll know that taking your backpack off at the end of the day is one of the best feelings ever. It's such a relief to suddenly be 10 - 15 kg's lighter again.

You feel like a new person.

Imagine how it would feel to reduce belly fat. You'd feel so much lighter and more free. You'd feel like a million bucks!


6. It Puts Your Spine Out Of Alignment

Picture a green bamboo pole. Straight yet flexible. You bend it, it whips back to it's original position.

Now what happens if you hang a big heavy weight off it and leave it for a month or 2? When you take the weight off, it doesn't whip back into position. Instead it stays bent and horribly deformed.

This is exactly what happens with your spine. A big heavy belly will ruin its normal curvature. It will put stresses and strains in all the wrong places, causing you pain and horrible headaches.


7. It's Dangerous

High levels of belly fat are an indication of visceral fat. This is the type of fat that forms around your organs.

Visceral fat increases the inflammation throughout your body. It also leads to several pretty serious diseases.

  • Diabetes
  • Some types of cancers
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep apnea
  • Abnormal lipids — high triglycerides and low HDL (”good” cholesterol)
  • Insulin resistance
  • Metabolic syndrome

The good news is, if you reduce belly fat, your visceral fat levels will decrease too.


8. It's Difficult To Find Clothes That Look Nice

Sure, you can get pretty good at hiding your big belly. There's many styles of clothes out there which are perfect for diverting attention away from your tummy. Heck, there's even some which pull it in tight.

But having to dress that way is a hassle. Wouldn't you rather have a nice flat tummy that you can show off? Wouldn't you prefer to wear a bikini on the beach in Summer?


Hopefully at least one of those 8 reasons resonated with you. Getting a flat tummy is entirely realistic, you just need to know how to do it.

If you'd like more information on the best way to reduce belly fat, click here...



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