Build The Body You Really Want With Resistance Training

We recommend resistance training for EVERYONE! It really is that important. Even if you don't want to build big muscles - there are still many other health benefits you'll gain from it:

  • It increases your metabolism so you become a better fat-burner.
  • Your body becomes stronger and more resilient.
  • It helps protect against injury and disease.
  • And above all... It's fun.

It really is so rewarding seeing your body change in response to the different exercises you do. Find out our top 3 reasons for "Why should people exercise?"

Resistance training is simply exercising against some form of resistance. The most common way of doing this is with weights. But there are many other ways. It all depends on your creativity. You could go for a run in the sea, do pressups, or do lunges up your driveway. They're all good training methods which help you shape your body exactly the way you want.


resistance training


You Are The Creator!

Resistance workouts are one of the best tools in your home fitness training toolbox. They allow you to literally create your body exactly how you would like it to be.

It's just like a buffet...

You can pick and choose the bits you want. If you want big muscles, you can have big muscles. If you want a tight toned body, you can have that too. It just a matter of deciding what you want and then applying the correct type of training. It really is that easy.

Now, we know you're busy, so we'll make this as easy as possible for you. You won't waste your precious time searching for the information all over the internet. Instead, to get you kick started, we've put together a guide to help you build a nice and simple weight training program.

Got your program sorted out?

Good. Now, there are lots of different ways of structuring your training sessions. So here's a guide of some basic techniques that will help you get the most benefit from your workouts.

Resistance training is a type of anaerobic exercise. Learn more about the benefits of anaerobic exercise here.

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