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I have set myself a challenge - to get ROCK HARD ABS!

UPDATE 9th December: I have now finished this challenge...See my pics below.

Shaye and I have travelled a lot over the past year and it has definitely affected our training. Lying in a hammock in the shade of a coconut tree somehow seemed more appealing than a sweaty workout in the sun...Yuk!

Upon arriving back into New Zealand we looked down at our neglected tummy's and longed for the past.

Back when washboard abs and sexy, defined muscles were the norm!

So for the next 12 weeks, we're both using the truth about abs program to get back into shape...

I'm excited about this challenge because I know that killer abs are not difficult to get. It just takes committment to a good program.

And boy am I committed! "Aint nuthin' gonna stop me from getting my rock hard abs back!"

So keep an eye out on this's always fun watching people's body's change as they get fitter. I'm expecting that over the next 12 weeks you'll see bigger muscles and less body fat which, combined, will give monster muscle definition!


My Before And After Pictures

These pictures span from September 13th until Decmber 7th 2010


rock hard abs before and after

My abs are much more visible now. This is due to a combination in lower body-fat levels and more abdominal muscle.


rock hard abs

This is my favorite photo. There are so many new muscles in my upper back which I couldn't see before.


My Killer Ab Training Program

The 12 week rock hard abs challenge is divided up into two 6 week programs. For the first 6 weeks I'm alternating between 2 different workouts.


A typical ab sculpting workout goes something like this...

  • Functional warmup 5 mins - To avoid injuries and prepare my body for the heavy lifting.
  • 7 compound exercises - To work every muscle in my body and to boost my metabolism.
  • 5-7 minutes of intense abdominal training - (I'm currently on the level 5 ab workout)
  • 8-10 minutes of HIIT - To activate all those fat-burning hormones
  • 3-5 mins of stretching - To keep myself supple and injury free.

I haven't drawn up the workouts for the second 6 weeks yet but I'll probably just move onto the intermediate pre-made workout.


Only 4 short trainings per week

  • Monday - Weights Workout
  • Tuesday - Kempo: I substituted the recommended 20min HIIT day with my regular Kempo training that I go to.
  • Thursday - Weights Workout
  • Saturday - Weights Workout


Why I'm Confident In My Program

The program contains the top principles for burning fat and building muscle. Here's just a few of them...

  • Keep the intensity of the workouts high. Use heavy weights, have little rest time and do full body, compound exercises. This builds serious muscle!
  • Don't do traditional cardio, do HIIT. This burns way more fat!
  • Only train your abs with certain highly effective ab exercises. Don't waste time on inferior exercises.


My Equipment Is Nothing Fancy

The only equipment I'm using is...

  • Swiss ball
  • Yoga mat
  • My bowflex dumbbells (okay this is a little bit fancy!)
  • My ab bench
  • My homemade pull up bar
  • A tyre - for the HIIT sprints!


Thoughts On My Rock Hard Abs Program So Far...

17th September

high intensity interval trainingMy first workout was strenuous, sweaty and just plain difficult. But I loved it. I'm full of inspiration about my new goal and I had heaps of energy to finish the workout.

It took about 1 hour 10 mins which is a little too long for my liking. I would like to speed this up a bit, for even more intensity!

For my HIIT training I did sprints up my driveway with a tyre dragging behind me.

This kicked my butt, big time!

I suspect that I'm going to need a lot more sleep to recover from these workouts.


4th October

My second week of training was a little bit muddled up because I had a martial arts grading and had to "save myself". The grading was incredibly long and taxing so it took me a while to recover. So all in all I missed 3 training sessions.

But as soon as I could, I got straight back into it. I have now completed 6 truth about abs workouts.

I have increased the amount of weight I'm lifting for 19 out of 22 of my exercises. This is great news, and although I can't see any differences yet, I can definitely feel them.

I'm even feeling quite energetic after my hill sprints!


22nd October - Almost half-way!

It's been a while since I last updated this page. But i'm roughly half-way through my challenge! The last 6 weeks have been rewarding and I can feel myself drawing close to my rock hard abs goal. In fact I have noticed many changes in my body. For example...

1. I am stronger, in fact, my strength has increased so much that I've hit a bit of a dead end. My bowflex dumbbells are at their maximum weight and I've had to increase my reps just to keep progressing.

Increasing my reps isn't really my intention. I want to build muscle, and lifting progressively heavier weights is the only way to do that. I'm looking at getting a nice big heavy barbell set so I can continue getting stronger and bigger.

Below is a progress graph for hanging leg raises. This is probably the most important exercise for building rock hard abs. I have tripled the number of reps I'm doing in less than 6 weeks. I think that's pretty good. My other exercises are progressing similarly.

And here is a graph of the weight I'm lifting for my 1 arm dumbbell swings. The weight has gone from 10kg to 17kg. That's an increase of 70%...

rock hard abs

2. My body shape is changing, I can notice many more muscles around my entire body that have grown bigger. Especially in my upper back. There's a cool butterfly shaped muscle (trapezius) showing through.


3. I run faster and recover faster. I'm not going to lie. HIIT is hard, every time. I don't expect it's ever going to get easy. But there's a couple of things I've noticed as a result of my training.

  1. I recover from my sprint bursts a lot faster now. When I get to the top of my driveway, I'm completely out of breath, but on the way back down, I feel back to normal really quickly. I remember at the start of this challenge, I would feel like a train wreck even after walking all the way to the bottom of the driveway.
  2. I'm able to squeeze more sprints into the same amount of time. This tells me I'm getting faster.


4. I'm having trouble with the frequency. I don't seem to be recovering well between workouts. I've noticed on several occasions that I'm burned out before I even start my workout. So I may consider dropping to 3 trainings per week. I think that this will let me recover more and complete my workouts with higher intensity.


7th December - Finished!

I really enjoyed this second half of the abs challenge.

I was doing a different style of workout which I found really fun. It only had 4 main exercises but with more sets in each one.

I also think that the change came at the perfect time. I was just starting to get a little bit bored of the first 6 weeks workouts.

As you can see from my final pics I made some pretty good improvements over the 12 weeks.

  • I have a lot more muscle on my body
  • I have lower body fat levels
  • I have finally got my "rock hard abs" back

Looks like I achieved my goal :)

Now onto the next challenge!



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