Shoulder Stretch Your Way to a Healthier Life

A shoulder stretch is an awesome way to feel good. Stretching your shoulders helps to reduce the tension and stress they hold.

Your shoulders are responsible for huge amounts of movement which you do day in and day out. Sadly, they also end up carrying a whole lot of anxiety and tension. It's so easy to hunch when you're stressed and slump when you're tired.

Those poor shoulders, they never get a break.

You owe it to them to give yourself a good shoulder stretch.


These are the awesome shoulder stretches that you will learn from this article:


Benefits of Doing a Good Shoulder Stretch


Stretching your shoulders can ease stress and help improve your mood. Ah - Wonderful!


Your overall flexibility will improve and enable you to live with less physical restrictions.


Sports people could benefit hugely from adding a good shoulder stretch into their workout. Having supple shoulder muscles helps sports performance.


Having supple shoulders can make everyday activities so much easier, especially as you age.


Stretching your shoulders frequently can make you less likely to suffer from injuries.



Nice 'n Easy

This is such an easy shoulder stretch to perform. Its great for beginners and advanced stretchers alike.

  1. Preferably, find a nice quiet spot.
  2. Sit with your legs crossed.
  3. Make sure you keep a straight back.
  4. Keep one arm at shoulder height.
  5. Pull it close to your chest using your spare arm.
  6. Feel it stretching...
  7. Hold for at least 20 seconds.
  8. Now do it with the other arm.
  9. Repeat :-)



Upside Down Shoulder Stretch

This one is a little more difficult, but very beneficial. It also stretches your hamstrings, so is great for those who hate to waste any time!

  1. Again, try to find a peaceful spot.
  2. Stand up with your legs straight.
  3. Hold your hands behind your back.
  4. Bend your body over and increase your shoulder angle.
  5. The aim is to increase the shoulder angle, and get your head as close as possible to your knees.
  6. Feel it stretching...
  7. Hold for at least 20 seconds.
  8. Repeat :-)



Simply Shoulders

Here's another really simple stretch. This one is great because it is so easy to control the amount that you stretch.

  1. Find a wall to lean your arm on.
  2. Make sure that you are facing the wall side on.
  3. Lift your lower arm to the wall.
  4. Bend about 90 degrees at the elbow.
  5. Make your shoulder angle a little more than 90 degrees.
  6. Turn your body to face away from the wall.
  7. Feel it stretching...
  8. Hold for at least 20 seconds.
  9. Repeat :-)



Double Whammy

This is a really simple stretch. It is also really effective which makes it perfect to add into your shoulder stretch session. When you get really flexible in your shoulders bring your hands closer together. The closer your hands, the more difficult the stretch.

  1. Get a yoga mat or towel.
  2. Sit on your bum with you legs bent in front of you.
  3. Put your hands on the floor behind your body.
  4. They must be facing away from your body.
  5. Walk your legs away from your hands, keeping your hands fastened on the floor.
  6. Walk as far as you can until you feel your shoulders stretch nicely.
  7. It should be a 'good pain'... nice effective stretching.
  8. Hold for about 20 seconds.
  9. Repeat.



Shoulder Folder

This shoulder stretch is fantastic for a relaxing warm down. Close you eyes and relax. You deserve it.

  1. Close your eyes and feel your shoulders relax.
  2. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed.
  3. Lift your arms straight into the sky.
  4. Bend one of your elbows.
  5. Hold your bent elbow with your free hand.
  6. Gently pull your arm behind your head.
  7. Feel that great stretching feeling.
  8. Hold for 20 seconds or more.
  9. Change arms and repeat.



Shoulder Bends

This is a great one to finish off with. You should close your eyes and just let your head hang there. Careful not to doze off!

  1. Find a wall to lean on.
  2. Stand away from the wall with straight legs.
  3. Put your hands on the wall at shoulder height.
  4. Bend at your hips and gently lower your upper body towards the ground.
  5. Keep your arms relatively straight.
  6. Notice the bend in Shaye's shoulders shown in the picture?
  7. Feel it stretching...
  8. If the stretching eases, push a little further.
  9. Hold for about 30 seconds.
  10. Repeat :-)



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Dont EVER take those shoulder stretches off of this website. omg, i have had a golf ball sized knot in my trapezius for 2 days, and these stretches worked it out!! - Francis-Olive