Solution To Tennis Elbow

My shoulders are rounded and drooping. I would like to build them up, but I am a bit limited in the types of exercises I can do, as I have tennis elbow and shoulder exercises seem to put a strain on them. Could you recommend something that wouldn't aggravate my condition?

Tom says:

I've got an even better solution for you. Remove the cause of the pain in your elbow...then you will be able to do normal shoulder exercises without the pain.

This is a book I have recommended before...and I'll recommend it again because it is just magical.

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief, Second Edition

I have used it successfully many times to treat pain before.

I've noticed while reading it that tennis elbow is one condition which is particularly commonly misdiagnosed. It can usually be fixed by self massage...within a few weeks the pain should be gone.

Interestingly... there are several muscles which commonly contribute to elbow pain. One of them is called the supraspinatus which just so happens to be in your shoulder.

It is likely that whenever you exercise your shoulders, you are aggravating that muscle and causing the pain in your elbow to increase.

The good news is, you should be able to fix it pretty quickly with some simple massage.

Try it out...I bet you a million bucks it will work. - Disclaimer: I don't actually have a million bucks to bet on this...but if I did I would :)

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Solution To Tennis Elbow NEW
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There are some primary treatment to reduce pain of tennis elbow. One is you should take rest and avoid any activities which can cause of pain and another is you need apply ice in your effected area.

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