Home Sprinting Workouts Help You Build Speed, Power and Determination

This is one of the home sprinting workouts I use to keep my body in good shape. It's fast, high-intensity and great for building speed and power in your lower body. It's also good for teaching you how to run faster.

This is a true speed workout, coming in at under 15 mins - so I usually just tack it onto the end of my regular workouts. But you can do it as a stand-alone workout too. Just make sure you're warmed up enough to avoid injury.


Heres How I Do My Sprinting Workouts

sprinting workoutsThe track

I use the driveway leading to my house. It has a large flat area at the bottom and then climbs steeply up to the road. You could call it a hill, but in truth, it feels more like a mountain!

Which is why hill sprints are so good for building determination.

They are hard, hard, hard!

But if you carry on through that hardness you start to feel magnificent. You know that you're pushing yourself beyond your boundaries and you're that growing and improving.


The distance

Depending on how much energy I've got, I'll go to different distances up the driveway. The further up I go the harder it gets. This is not only because of the extra distance - it also gets steeper towards the top. Going right to the top is an absolute killer.

In this particular workout, I sprint until I reach a certain crack in the concrete, which happens to be 33m away.

There's also one at 19m away which I use for the shorter sprints. This has less of an incline to it.


The rules

There's some rules I use when doing sprinting exercises...

Rule #1 - No matter what happens, I have to be ready to start my next sprint on time. This keeps the intensity high and ensures that the workout is fast and efficient.

For example: I give myself 30s to complete the 33m sprint. I sprint there in 10s and jog back in the remaining 20s ready for the next sprint.

Rule #2 - I make sure I have my foot on the gas pedal right up until I cross the finish line. I don't slow down in anticipation of the finish-line. I think this is a more accurate representation of what I actually did. When I write "10 sets of 40m sprints" in my fitness training plans, I know that I actually sprinted that distance. I'm not tricking myself!


The workout

My sprinting workouts usually go something like this...

  1. 10 sprints over 33m @ 30s per sprint. (5 mins)
  2. 4 sprints over 19m @ 15s per sprint. (1 min)
  3. 1 min rest.
  4. Repeat 1-3


With a bit of imagination, you should be able to find a good area to do sprinting workouts too. Don't worry about the specific details of my one. Use what works for you. Just make sure you push yourself and you'll get good results from it.



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