How To Do Stomach Crunches Correctly...

Stomach crunches are your basic, bread and butter exercise for abdominal strength. If you're a beginner to abdominal training, then you're in the right place!

If you've had a bit more experience at ab training, try out our best abdominal exercise. It will challenge you more and give you improvements to your abs faster.


Do You Make These Mistakes When Doing Stomach Crunches?

Give me a dime for every person I've seen doing stomach crunches with horrible technique and I'd be a rich man!

Now you might already know this...

It is possible to strain different muscles around your body while doing crunches. So...

I'm going to help you make sure you don't end up with any injuries while doing your core training at home. Your first lesson on stomach crunches is...


Muscle tension awareness that is...

Muscle tension is a very subconscious thing. It can be very difficult to actually realise how much tension you're holding in different areas of your body. You actually have to consciously check each part of your body to make sure everything is nice and relaxed.

When you do crunches you need to make sure that your abs are doing the work. Not your neck or your arms, or anywhere else. Just your abs.

Isolating your abs like this gives you much better gains. Your tummy will look better than ever in less time than ever :)


Here is the correct technique for stomach crunches

tom doing stomach crunches with the correct technique

tom doing stomach crunches with the correct technique


Stomach Crunches Instructions

step number one for stomach crunches

There are two ways to do crunches. You can either...

a) Place your feet slightly wider than hip width apart on the floor like in the above photographs.

b) Raise your feet until your lower legs are parallel with the floor. This is shown in the photograph below. You can also do this using a swiss ball if you like.

tom doing stomach crunches with the correct technique


step number two for stomach crunches

Make sure your neck is in a neutral position. ie: not tucked into your chest and not too far back. A good rule is to look at the ceiling as you do the crunches. Notice the different between these two photographs. The first shows Toms chin tucked in and the second shows good technique with Tom looking towards the ceiling

tom doing stomach crunches with the correct techniquetom doing stomach crunches with the correct technique


step number three for stomach crunches

Make sure your lower back is flat on the ground. You achieve this by tucking your hips until you can feel your back touch the floor. See how there is a gap underneath Toms lower back in the first photograph. This isn't good. Just roll your hips and your lower back will touch the ground.

tom doing stomach crunches with the correct techniquetom doing stomach crunches with the correct technique


step number four for stomach crunches

Place your fingertips just behind your ears. Whatever you do, don't clasp them behind your head. This will make you want to pull your head forward when the going gets tough. And believe us, it will :)


step number five for stomach crunches

Now pull your stomach muscles in towards your spine. Squeeze your abdominals and lift your shoulder blades off the ground. You should aim to go as high as you can without lifting your lower back off the ground.


step number six for stomach crunches

Exhale as you situp and inhale when you lie back down.


So now that you're an expert at stomach crunches you can add them into your home ab workouts. Build up to doing 3 sets of 20 and then move onto some more difficult abdominal exercises...


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