The Best Stomach Toning Exercise for YOUR body!

A great stomach Toning Exercise can be hard to find... People often wonder what the best one is... and which one is right one for their body. Well... After years and years of gymnastics training, springboard diving training and martial arts training... Shaye and Tom have found it! In fact, they have found a few which are all based on the same principals but are separated into three categories - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.


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For a person who's new to exercise, there's no point attempting an abdominal exercise which is designed for fitness fanatics. Just as there is no point in those fitness fanatics doing an exercise which is designed for beginners. That's why we have separated "The best stomach toning exercise" into 3 categories which cover all levels of fitness and strength.

Beginners - This is a great opportunity to set yourself a challenge to develop strong, toned and sexy abs. Make a chart and mark your weekly progress. How long does it take you to get onto the intermediate stomach exercise? How long does it take you to progress to the advanced? We bet it's quicker than you think!

Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? Find out which Stomach Toning Exercise is best for you:


Have a look at the pages above - You'll be really impressed by the exercises. They aren't the "every-day" exercises which you see all over the place... They're a little different, you probably haven't come across them before.

After you have given your ab's a blast by doing a couple of sets of the exercises above - why not try out some of our other awesome abdominal exercises. They're also really effective and will help to spice things up a little. If you want to have a look at them, here they are: abdominal exercises which you can do at home.


TIP: Are You Keen to See Even Faster Results?

To see really great results from your exercises, you should try to make them as intense as you can manage. This high intensity type of training is great for building muscles. Throw in a bit of cardio training with a good healthy diet - and you'll be looking like a million bucks in no time!


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