The Truth About Abs Review - Find Out If It Worked For Me

truth about abs review
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  • 117 pages
  • 60 day money back guarantee

The truth about abs is an e-book that I discovered while looking for abdominal training programs on the net.

It's a complete exercise and nutrition program for people who want a leaner, more toned looking body. Especially in their abdominal region...

Now I'm not normally one to buy fitness products online - the cheesy sales pages normally send me running in the opposite direction - but something about the truth about abs caught my eye.

Mike Geary (the author) emphasizes the same important points that we talk about on our website...

  • Don't bother with infomercial ab-gadgets
  • Don't even consider taking fat burner pills!
  • Basically, just keep it real - the only approach which works long-term

...All good stuff. So I did a bit more snooping around and looked up some reviews. From what others said, it appeared to be a genuinely good product.

So I took the plunge and bought it! (There was a 60 day money back guarantee anyway so I could always return it if it was crappy)

I dove right into reading as soon as it was finished downloading. And let me tell you that I was thoroughly impressed with what I recieved.

The e-book is 117 pages, jam-packed full of quality information. It explains important nutrition and training ideas and then combines it all into a nice and simple program for you to follow.

The truth about abs is well written and Mike gets top marks for explaining concepts with crystal clarity.

In theory it all sounds fantastic...

But theory is one thing, getting actual results is another. So Shaye and I decided to try the product and document our results.

We both embarked upon 12 week truth about abs challenges. You can see the details of our challenges below...

Or if you'd just like the short story, you can see our before and after photo's here...

The truth about abs progress pics

the truth about abs works

As you can see, there were some big changes in my body. My abs are so much more visible now.

Shayes photo's coming soon...

During the 12 weeks of training we both made some awesome improvements. Not only are our abs more visible, we also have less body fat and more toned looking muscles all over!

Now the 12 weeks of training wasn't all easy. We did encounter a few hiccups along the way. But I'll do my best to let you know what they are and what you can expect from this program.


Who the truth about abs is suited for...

Not Just For Abs - Also For Getting Toned

The truth about abs is essentially an ab revealing program. Whether you want ripped 6 pack abs or a flat-and-feminine tummy, then this program is perfect for you.

But I also think that it's highly suited to anyone who wants a toned looking body!

Why? Because getting abs and getting toned require the same 2 things...

  1. Losing fat - Through dietary improvements, interval training instead of cardio training, circuit training etc...
  2. Building muscle - By doing strength training. The main reason you do this is to increase your metabolism. ie: The rate at which you burn fat. But it's also important to make your abs bigger and stronger.


Beginner to Intermediate Level

I would say that the truth about abs is aimed more towards beginners/intermediate level trainees... If you've already been training for a long time (and getting good results) you probably don't need it.

But on the other hand...

Shaye and I have been training our abs for a long time. And we always thought we were doing quite well. But after seeing the results of this program, it's quite clear that the few nuggets of wisdom we picked up really did pay off.

So if you're still struggling with that last little bit of fat covering your abs, then it's worth giving this program a shot.


The best things about the truth about abs


You learn the principles

There's no doubt about it, the truth about abs is a fantastic all-encompassing training guide. It's clear and direct and doesn't leave any loose ends.

This is especially valuable for me because I'm a real sucker for information-overload. I tend to take on too many perspectives and just get stuck doing nothing!

So it was a real pleasure being able to just pick up the e-book and get stuck into a training program.

But I feel I'd be doing Mike an injustice if I said it was just a "grab and go" ab program. There are hundreds of those on the internet and unfortunately, the one size fits all approach doesn't always work.

No, the real strength in this e-book is that Mike teaches you the principles behind the workouts. It gives you a lot more flexibility to change things to suit yourself when you know WHY something is the way it is.

For example, during my 12 week challenge I was mostly just following the pre-made workouts. But there were a few exercises that I wasn't able to do because I didn't have the equipment.

No worries!

Instead of dropping the exercise from the program, I substituted in another suitable one. I knew that as long as I kept using the principles, then my workouts would be successful.


Awesome exercises

Full body resistance training is the main focus of the exercise section. It's one of the secrets to a lean, toned body - But don't tell anyone okay? It's a secret ;)

This was quite different for me, because in the past, I had always done a lot of "isolation" work... You know, bicep curls, tricep dips, lateral dumbbell raises.

If you also do these, then stop right now. You're wasting your time. I will never go back to these exercises after seeing the difference. I have never had this level of strength in my body before.

Mike's exercises blew my mind!

My favorites were the "Advanced secret weapon exercises" (p.62) These are a level above the rest and they will make you sweat like a pig...I'll vouch for that!

I also liked the interval training. And when I say liked, I actually mean hated. It was hard, it was gruelling, and it was downright nasty.

But I have a feeling deep down, that what Mike says about it is true. The interval training truly is worth it!


You learn how to truly WORK

On page 37, Mike gives an explanation of how much "work" goes into your workouts. It gives you an indication of how hard and how beneficial any given exercise is likely to be.

In fact, he gives a thorough example of how selecting just one good exercise and doing it properly can actually be more effective than an entire workout of poorly selected exercises.

This point struck a chord in me. It makes we wonder.

How much time have I wasted in the past with next-to-useless exercises.

And if I did that, how much time are other people wasting too.

In my opinion, if you can grasp this point, it is really the key to the entire program. If you can truly learn how to WORK then there's nothing stopping you from creating your body exactly how you want it.


Interesting dietary strategies

Mike has got some interesting strategies for losing weight. One of the weirdest ones was including a day of overfeeding once a week. Apparently this can increase the rate at which you burn fat. Cool huh!

Now it's hard to say what was making me lose fat. I think it was probably a combination of everything I was doing. So I can't say how effective this strategy was.

But it's an interesting idea anyway. One I'm sure a lot of dieters would be thrilled to include in their program :) I certainly think it warrants a bit more experimentation at the least.


The worst thing about the truth about abs

I wasn't that excited by the meal plans...

If you've been reading this website for a while, you'll probably know I'm pretty anal about the food I eat. I just like to keep things fresh and fruity :) I eat a lot of vegetables and a lot of fruit.

Now, many of the meal plans contain dairy and meat (in large quantities) which I'm not much of a fan of. They don't sit well with my body.

So I admit, I didn't really stick to his dietary recommendations 100%. It's not really the type of food I like to eat...

But don't get me wrong... overalll I think that Mike's food philosophy is fantastic...Keep it as whole, fresh, and unprocessed as possible. This has been, and always will be, the best way to lose tummy fat. So if you stick to the suggestions, I'm confident it will work for you too.



Overall I was very happy with the truth about abs and would recommend it to well...just about anyone.

If you seriously want a lean, mean, sexy looking body, but you're struggling against conflicting information, buy this e-book. It's not a quick-fix. It's not a temporary program that you move on with after 2 months. And I'm sorry to say, it's not always going to be easy.

But it is a no-BS, all inclusive guide. Mike is the real-deal and if you follow his program, you will get awesome results. I guarantee it!

Take me to the truth about abs website



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