Toning Your Body is Easy With These Simple Tips and Exercises!

toning your bodyToning your body will help you gain confidence like never before. You'll feel on top of the world!

The extra muscles you're going to develop will give you renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Looking good and feeling healthy by toning up your body really will help you to transform your life.


There are a few things about toning your body which you really should know, and we've written about them below:



SPOT REDUCTION: Truth or Myth?

Sorry... but we're gonna be straight up: MYTH! Yes, it does suck - but it is a fact that we can not "Spot Reduce" areas of fat on our body by intensively exercising just that area. (If we could spot reduce - Liposuction would not be so popular!) BUT... Don't let this dishearten you because there are ways to get around this. Such as Losing overall body fat by doing aerobic exercise, building calorie consuming muscles or reducing the calories in your diet... These points are looked at in more detail below.



Aerobic Exercise to Burn off Extra Fat

So, you've been working hard at toning your body, but can't see the results yet? You probably need to lose excess body fat. You can lose overall body fat by doing aerobic exercise. Losing overall body fat will help reveal the lovely toned muscles which you have been working so hard to build! All the defined muscles will be revealed once you burn off the "puffy blanket" of fat which is covering them up.

  • Click here to find out more really useful information on Aerobic Exercise.



Build Fat Burning Muscles

To help tone up and lose excess fat, you can build calorie consuming muscles which devour calories each day just to stay alive. We really like this option when it comes to toning. Why? Because not only do you build extra muscle, which makes you look more sleek and toned... but that extra muscle causes you to burn extra calories and in turn lose body fat. You get a Double bonus with this option - Lose fat and build muscle - yeeha!

Building up your large muscles such as your glutes, thighs and hamstrings will really give you good "bang for your buck". Check out these awesome workouts and exercises below. They will really help you with toning your body and building calorie consuming muscles.



Don't Diet - Reduce The Calories in Your Diet

What's the bet you're thinking "You idiots.. That's exactly what a diet is!" But... We don't mean reduce the calories significantly, nor temporarily... We're talking about small and permanent changes. Fad diets never work... The weight may come of temporarily but 99% of the time it'll come straight back on.

We believe in lifestyle changes. Change small things and one at a time. This way you'll get yourself into the habit of living healthier without suffering huge withdrawals and giving up entirely!

The fact is that people love food! So don't totally deprive yourself. Find a balance.

Here are some handy ways of permanently reducing the calories in your diet and losing body fat permanently as a result:

  • Make sure that you keep your diet full of "living" foods. Living foods are natural foods which have not been processed or overly cooked.
  • Cook your vegetables for as little time as possible. The rawer the food, the higher it is in nutrients and the easier it is to digest.
  • Dilute your fruit juice with water. 1/2 water, 1/2 fruit juice means half the calories!
  • Keep your snack foods natural and full of nutrients. Try to only snack when you are hungry.
  • Make your portions slightly smaller and you'll be cutting out plenty of calories but still getting to eat the foods you love.
  • Try to cook most of your food from scratch... This way you can be sure that it's natural, healthy and not packed with sugar and fat.
  • Don't drink poisonous diet drinks thinking you are cutting down calories. The only thing this accomplishes is building up toxins in your body, resulting in cellulite!


The tips above are just a few to get you started. There are tonnes of other ways you can cut calories from your diet... Try be creative and gradually introduce them into your lifestyle.

For more really helpful information on diet and nutrition, check out the pages below:


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