Tropical Nectarine Low Calorie Smoothie

by Tina
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Low Calorie Smoothie

Low Calorie Smoothie

This is very easy to make. It's my favorite smoothie by a long way. It is also really low in calories which is good for me because I have a slow metabolism and put on weight easily.

This smoothie has a total of 155 calories.


1 big nectarine (60 calories about)
8 cubes of ice (big cubes)
50 ml of low fat milk or water to help blend up the ice cubes. (about 20 calories)
100ml of low fat tropical yogurt (The ones I buy have got 75 calories per 100ml)

Put them all into a powerful blender and blend them together. I like to be able to feel the ice still crunchy - but do whatever you like.

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