Upper Back Exercises Will Stop You Looking Like...

upper back exercises for a hunchbackQuasimodo!

The upper back exercises that you're about to discover will stop that hunched back in its tracks and put you on the road to perfect posture.

You see, most people - me included - spend way too much time at the computer. They slave away for hours at a time...

typing, typing, typing...

And all the time, their upper back muscles are getting weaker, they're hunching, they're getting grumpy, tired and sore.

One way to fix this problem is with upper back exercises. They are part of the key to fixing posture problems and sore backs.

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But before you start on the exercises, there's something you need to learn...

The secret upper back exercises technique

Pretend that I just handed you a new $100 bill and told you that you could keep it...IF... yes I know, there's always a catch!

The catch is, you can keep the bill IF you can hold it, and walk away with it in between your shoulder blades. Hmmm. Do you think you could do it?

Try it out. Use a piece of paper if you're running low on $100 bills. Notice how hard you have to squeeze between your shoulder blades. That's it! That's the "secret technique". Simple huh.

That technique will help you tremendously when you do these upper back exercises. It will activate many more muscle fibers in your upper back.

So with that knowledge safely under your belt lets get underway.


Bent Over Barbell Rows

For this exercise you should lean forward slightly while keeping your back straight. Ask someone else to check you if you're not sure about your posture. Make sure your knees are slightly bent and you're balanced well.

  1. Get into the position shown.
  2. Pull the barbell up to your chest. It should just touch your nipples.
  3. Squeeze hard between your shoulder blades.
  4. Lower the bar back down.
  5. Make this a slow movement.
  6. Repeat.




These are good training for being able to start a chainsaw. The exercise works one side of your upper back at a time.

This exercise can often tire out your bicep before you finish. Don't worry though, keep it up, it's still working.


  1. Get into the position shown.
  2. Pull the weight up until it touches your shoulder.
  3. Make sure your squeeze the muscle behind your shoulder blade.
  4. Lower the weight back down slowly.
  5. Repeat



Bent Over Fly's

As with all the bent over exercises you need to keep your back very straight.


  1. Get into the position shown and choose some reasonably light weights.
  2. Lift your arms out to the side.
  3. Lift the weights up until you can't lift anymore. (Don't swing them up)
  4. Lower them back down again slowly.
  5. Repeat.



Back Shrugs

Make sure your back is straight and your knees are slightly bent.


  1. Lift the barbell off the ground.
  2. Get into the position shown.
  3. Hold the weight at arms length.
  4. Squeeze between your shoulder blades.
  5. Hold for 2 seconds and release.
  6. Lower the weight back down - don't drop it.
  7. Repeat.



Swimming Without a Pool - Freestyle

This is a very tough exercise because your upper back is constantly under tension.


  1. Lie on your front on a mat.
  2. Squeeze your back muscles to lift you off the ground.
  3. Now start swimming freestyle.
  4. Left Right Left Right...
  5. Don't let your hands touch the ground.
  6. Keep going!



Swimming Without a Pool - Breaststroke

Same again. This is a very tough exercise because your upper back is constantly under tension.

  1. Lie on a mat face down.
  2. Squeeze your back muscles to lift you up off the mat.
  3. Now start swimming breaststroke.
  4. Both arms straight out to the front.
  5. Pull them back out the side.
  6. Don't let your hands touch the ground.
  7. Keep going!




These are good for an all over back workout.


  1. Lie on your front with arms and legs extended out.
  2. Lift your right arm and your left leg up at the same time.
  3. Lift them as high as you can.
  4. Also lift your head.
  5. Squeeze your back muscles tight.
  6. Lower the arm and leg back to the ground.
  7. Repeat using your opposite side.
  8. Repeat.



Back Squeeze

These are typically a lower back exercise but if you use the squeeze technique it becomes one of our upper back exercises.

  1. Lie on your tummy.
  2. Put your hands by your ears.
  3. Squeeze your back muscles and lift your body up.
  4. Do this with care - Your back is a delicate thing.
  5. Hold this for 2 seconds.
  6. Lower yourself back down.
  7. Repeat.



We hope that you enjoy using these upper back exercises. Adding them to your home fitness training routine on a regular basis will strengthen and tone your upper back like never before. With your newly aquired knowledge of "the squeeze" you exercises will become more effective so that when you do them, they work!

You might also want to try these upper back stretches after you've finished your upper back workout.



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