Weight Loss

by Kevin
(Dublin, Ireland )


Hi there, I've just come across your website there and I have to say it looks very good, very informative versus others I have looked at.

I am wondering if you can provide some advice. I'm looking to try and lose some weight.

Background: I recently left college and while in college I had a part time job in a supermarket- heavy lifting, on my feet all day.

Now I graduated and got an office number and I have loaded on the pounds. I went from a 32 inch to 34/ 36 and the gut, well you can imagine.

I want to loss the gut and drop an inch or two in the waist line. What are the best methods (I'm not looking to get 'ripped' or any of that just simple exercise etc)

Any feedback much appreciated



Hi Kevin,

Thankyou for the compliment. We try our best to help people like you stay fit and healthy by training at home.

It's obvious from your question that you already recognize what needs to be done. You can see the difference between the amount of activity you were doing before and after university and how it is affecting your weight.

What we would recommend is building some fitness training plans. It is very difficult to make any real progress if you don't have plans to get there. The time you spend building the plans is time well spent...trust us.

When you're designing your workouts try to add in lots of compound exercises. That is, exercises which use many muscles in one movement. ie: Squats, Lunges, Plank holds etc.

These will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to weight loss.

Keep it light for the first few workouts to get your body back into it. Then begin to increase the weight you use. Your goal is to add muscle to your body so that you burn fat faster.

Guidelines: Use the heaviest weight you can lift for 10 repetitions. Do 3 sets each exercise and 8-10 exercises per workout.

If you have any further questions Kevin, please just add a comment to this thread. We'll try to answer them as best we can.

Work hard!
Tom and Shaye

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