What Causes Belly Fat? Discover The 2 Key Reasons

"You must know your enemy to triump in war." Similarly...

You must know what causes belly fat to triumph against it.

It seems the enemy has been fibbing about belly fat. They've been telling dirty, rotten, lies! They say you can get rid of belly fat by taking diet pills, or by doing exercises on their "ab gizmo 2000 pro"

Their marketing is aimed squarely at emptying your pockets, without a care for your poor suffering body.

Luckily we've been staking out the territory for a while now. We know what lies at the heart of the matter. And now it's time to share that with you, so you can begin to take the power back in your own personal belly fat battle.

There are 2 key reasons you have got belly fat. Here they are...


Reason #1. Your body prefers to store fat on your belly

Picture this - A man eats large quantities of...

  • Low quality
  • High calorie
  • Nutrient poor

...food on a daily basis. He does virtually zero exercise. Over time his body-fat piles on. It does so in a certain sequence, known as a fat distribution pattern.

  • First it adds to his belly and once that has fattened up...
  • It moves onto his butt and thighs and then...
  • It starts piling onto his back.

The more fat he accumulates, the more places he will store it. Eventually it makes it's way beneath his muscles and starts to surround his organs. This visceral fat puts him at risk of heart disease and stroke! He's on his way to an early grave.

If this man started eating lots of fresh plants and lifted weights several times per week his body fat would decrease. He would lose fat in the opposite sequence...

  • The visceral fat would disappear.
  • His back would slim down.
  • He would lose his big butt.
  • His belly would flatten ( and expose his natural 6 pack )

At any given body fat level, it is distributed throughout his body in different proportions. These are decided purely by his genetics.

That is why it may seem as though belly fat is stubborn. It is commonly the first place to store fat, which means it's the last place to lose it from.

So if you have a fat belly, it's partly your body's fault. It just likes to store fat there. But that doesn't mean all is lost. No, far from it in fact.


Reason #2. Your overall body fat is high (enough)

Body fat distribution can be compared to a business.

When a business makes a profit, it shares out the dividends around to all the investors. Each investor gets more or less depending on how many shares they own.

If that business is running low on cash it isn't able to pay out dividends to anyone, even those with the most number of shares.

Likewise with your body. If it is running low on fat, it isn't able to share it out among your body...even your belly.

Which points us to the solution.

Lower your overall bodyfat percentage.

Simple huh, and this works regardless of your genetics. It's a fail-proof system.

So now you know what causes belly fat. All that's left is to lower your overall body fat levels.

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