Would A Workout Ball Help YOU Get Fit At Home?

A workout ball can be a fantastic piece of equipment for your home gym. They are incredibly versatile, with a huge range of exercises you can do on them.

They are true full-body-blasters, activating many different stabilizing muscles.

Perhaps the best thing about them though is their price. Coming in at $20 they are a perfect match for a low cost home gym.

Just make sure you get the right size and firmness or else your exercises can become awkward.

Do you have a workout ball at home?

Enlighten us. What is the best thing about it? What is the worst thing about it?

Tell others what you think is the best exercise ball and see what they think of your opinion.



"What Is A Workout Ball?"

It's exactly the same as a Swiss ball, Exercise ball, Fitness ball and a Gym ball. They're all basically just inflatable rubber balls for doing workouts with. Like the one below...

shaye doing exercises on the workout ball


We are reviewing a NordicTrack brand ball. It's one we've had for several years now and we're very happy with it...


The Best Things About Our Workout Ball

Fitness balls have HUNDREDS of exercises you can do on them. There's actually so many it is mind-blowing. We know quite a few, but we still probably haven't even scratched the surface yet.

There's some here you can look at, just for starters:

1. Full body workout
2. Lower body and core workout
3. Toning and strengthening your midsection

Having such a large range of exercises to choose from means the swiss ball is a good all-rounder. It's useful when you want to workout all area's of your body. You can do your arms, legs, shoulders, back and abs without even getting off the ball. It truly is a whole body experience. Especially since...

Fitness balls make fantastic use of your stabilizing muscles.

Take for example the exercise, The Abdominal Squeeze with Hip Raise. This exercise requires a lot of balance to do properly. Much more than most basic exercises. Just to stay balanced, you need to activate many extra muscles throughout your entire body.

It's full-body conditioning without even realising. Just the way we like it...

And here's something else we like.

You used to pay a lot of money for these super-versatile pieces of equipment. However, in recent years they have plummeted in price. They only cost about $20 now, which is a real bargain. For the sheer number of extra exercises you can do they're definitely worth the price.

"But doesn't cheap mean low quality?"...

Surprisingly enough, no. It actually stands up well against the ultimate endurance test. Tom's 6 year old cousin, Corbin.

Corbin has decided that fitness balls make fantastic trampolines. When he comes over to Tom's house he heads straight for the exercise room. The fitness ball gets bounced, thrown, rolled, flung, squashed, hit, scratched and bashed. The poor ball doesn't stop taking a beating until Corbin leaves again.

Needless to say, we are mighty impressed with the durability of the NordicTrack fitness ball.

It just does not pop!

It does lose a bit of air during the "beating sessions" though. But it's only a 1 minute job to refill it to normal size and firmness with the pump.

Speaking of size, fitness balls don't take up a lot of room. In fact, if you were ultra-nerdy, you could work out that a 30" diameter ball takes up precisely 65.45feet3 of room. But we're not like that ;)

But seriously, it's easy to fit them into your workout room once you're done. You can just pop them in the corner or in a cupboard somewhere.

Now, onto...

The Worst Things About Our Workout Ball

Firstly, our exercise ball is perhaps a little too soft. It is very comfortable but it sometimes squashes down too much. It still gets the job done but even so...

There's probably other brands out there which have got stronger material than our one. If you have used one we'd love to hear from you.

Secondly, fitness balls are sized based on your height, so sharing with your super-short or super-tall partner may be a problem. The exercises can become awkward if the ball is too big or too small.

Finally, the pump could be better. Unlike the good quality of the exercise ball... it leaves a little to be desired. It is made from plastic and resembles a child's play toy more than anything else. It doesn't work that well so we just use our tyre pump... problem solved.


Workout Ball Growability

We've had our workout ball for about 5-6 years now and we still use it regularly. It's definitely a piece of fitness training equipment that grows as you do. There's just so many exercises you can do on it.

As you get stronger, it's a matter of finding a harder exercise or adding weight to the ones you're doing at the moment.

Things To Look For When You Buy One

  • To find the best exercise ball for you, it is important to get the right size. Here's a table of ball sizes.


Your height (cm) Ball size (cm) Your height (inches) Ball size (inches)
160 and under 55 5'3" and under 22
161 - 185 65 5'4" - 6'1" 26
186 - 206 75 6'2" - 6'9" 30


Here's another way of finding your ideal ball size... Squat into the invisible chair position with your legs parallel to the floor. Mark the place where the bottom of your butt lies. A few inches above (To account for ball squashing) this is the ideal ball diameter.


  • Does it have a warranty? This is always good to check for.
  • Does it come with some exercises? It's nice to start exercising as soon as your ball arrives. If it doesn't come with any just check out the ones we mentioned earlier.


If you decide that a workout ball is right for your home gym, you can purchase them online here. There's different sizes available and they come with a DVD of exercises.

We think you'll find workout balls lots of fun... we certainly do!


What Do You Think Is The Best Exercise Ball?

If you've got a workout ball at home then chances are you have some useful information about it.

In your opinion what is the best exercise ball? Share your knowledge below...

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